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Previous Issue (Vol. 8, No. 1), 2018

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Vol. 8 Issue 1

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Acceleration of Canny Edge Detection Algorithm Using Parallel Clusters

Author/s:  Njood S. AlAssmi, Soha S. Zaghloul
Pages:  1-10   /   DOI:
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Measuring the Performance of Data Placement Structures for MapReduce-based Data Warehousing Systems

Author/s:  S. Kami Makki, M. Rakibul Hasan
Pages:  11-20   /   DOI:
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Comparison of Parallel Simulated Annealing on SMP and Parallel Clusters for Planning a Drone’s Route for Military Image Acquisition

Author/s:  Eman Alsafi, Soha S. Zaghloul
Pages:  21-32   /   DOI:
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A Finger-Mounted Haptic Device with Plane Interface

Author/s:  Makoto Yoda, Hiroki Imamura
Pages:  33-40   /   DOI:
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